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I am currently working on this website as means to distribute any ideas, thoughts and anything I may want to dictate to you - the viewer. Like any of my projects I take them seriously, and like my other projects I spend lots of time on them. However I still have school, work and wind down time I must take because they are more important then this website and the rest of my projects.

Please note that if you want to properly view this website (cool looking see-through background) then use the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Netscape. Internet Explorer is horrible for implementing CSS standards. I strongly advise using Firefox because of it's security and usability whenever possible. Enjoy


10-19-2006 10:15pm I fixed a small bug in in the content area of my website that made it look like all the pictures were washed out because of the opacity in the CSS (the see through part) was overlaying everything, including the pictures. Fixed with a see through PNG image courtesy of CGI Soft

6-2-2006 6:40pm I added my best of this 4th of july pictures of fireworks, 10 total. Enjoy!

6-29-2006 9:00pm I added most of my programming stuff, to view click on "My Programs".

4-4-2006 8:30am I added most of my best pictures so you can view them.